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We come to you! No more drop off and pick up. No more stressful car rides. We’ll come to your home, apartment or office!


This loving grooming team treats your dogs like their own and have a loyal customer base who wouldn’t trust anyone else with their dogs!


Muddy Buddies knows how important your dog is to you and can be relied upon to be there when you need them.

Westchester’s Premiere Mobile Dog Groomer

Mobile Dog Groomers are the preferred choice of today’s busy families. We proudly service Westchester, NY and Greenwich, CT.

  • Massaging Baths
  • Bath & Styling Service (Standard Breed Cut or Personalized Cut)
  • Skunk & Flea Baths
  • Deshedding
  • And much more!

About Us

Muddy Buddies is all about taking the stress out of grooming for your dog and you. With us, your dog’s comfort and safety is our priority. No more cages, no more half days at the groomer, no more worry about kennel cough or car anxiety. We offer one on one attention in the convenience of your drive way.

  • Caring Groomers

    Matthew and the team are in this for the dogs. They want to make grooming as stress free as possible for your Fido and will go above and beyond to make that happen. For Matthew and the team, Fido’s health, safety and happiness comes first.

  • Prompt & Professional Service

    We’re not like the cable company! Your appointment is booked within an hour window. We will always let you know which groomer is coming and you are more than welcome to request one of us!

  • Convenient Scheduling Options

    We work morning noon and night! We’ll come to your office too! Muddy Buddies will work with you to create a grooming schedule so that you never have to worry about getting an appointment or remembering how long it’s been since the last groom.

What others say about us

Jeffrey P.

Muddy Buddies is 10 times better than my previous mobile groomer.  They’re reliable and professional. They take great care of my elderly rescue dog. He comes back inside with his tail wagging. Nothing better than that! Thanks again!

Jeffrey P.Poki, Mutt
Anna V

Having four dogs it can be difficult to get them all in a car together and to the groomer. Once I found Muddy Buddies, dog grooming was no longer a dreaded errand. The pull up and groom one dog at a time without all the hassle of getting in the car. It’s more convenient for me, and much less stressful for my dogs.What could be better?!

Anna VRalph, Riley, Rascal and Rusty
Denise K.

Thanks again for taking care of Bucky. Whenever you pull up he gets so excited. I just recommended you to a friend, keep up the great work!

Denise K.Golden Retriever

Matt has a great relationship with my dog. She absolutely loves being groomed. He is always on time and is a pleasure to deal with. He really goes above and beyond to make sure our girl is comfortable. I highly recommend Muddy Buddies!

SusieYorkshire Terrier, Diamond

Thank you so much for the excellent job you did yesterday grooming Buster. It was so nice opening the door after you were done to see him so happy. I am so glad I saw your van in the A&P parking lot in Yorktown a few weeks ago. We look forward to seeing you again soon!


Matt and the team are the real deal. They came to groom my elderly dog and I was blown away by how much effort and care they put into the groom. Ruby has trouble standing and they let her lay down for most of the groom, and held her up when she needed to be standing. Ruby came back inside looking like a puppy, tail wagging, and even gave them a few goodbye kisses. She is normally stressed out and very quiet after taking her to previous grooming salons. Never again! I highly recommend this caring and professional team!

JordiRidgeback Mix

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