Let’s Talk About Ticks

It’s here! Dun dun dun dun! Tick season is in full swing. Most people consider spring to be tick time, but I always find fall to be especially bad. All the dead leaves on the ground make the perfect hiding spot for the little suckers. We’ve been pulling ticks off of our dogs like crazy.

One of the reasons they’re so abundant in NY is our huge deer population. Where there are deer, there are ticks. So don’t think your back yard is safe- if you’ve ever had a deer eat your begonias than your probably harboring ticks too. Every dog needs to be checked on a regular basis. You’re dog doesn’t need to go on a hike or even leave the yard to be at risk.

The good news is- the more often you check your dogs for ticks, the less likely your dog is to get sick from a bite. Once a tick has bitten, it takes 24-36 hours for it to transfer harmful pathogens. Ticks are another reason regular grooming should be part of your dogs care. When I dry a dog I get to see into their fur right down to their skin. I can see any red spots, irritations, or embedded ticks. Without our high velocity dryer it can be hard to see into certain, thicker coats (Especially on double coated dogs!).

When removing a tick, I find my fingers to be most effective. But some people, like Matt, find that both gross and impossible. If you are one of those people- a tweezer will do! Grab the tick as close to your dogs skin as you can get. Now Yank! Yank straight out. The goal is to get the head along with the body, and to cause as little pain as possible. I usually let my dogs smell the tick before flushing it, but again that’s optional!

If your dog seems more lethargic or arthritic than usual – ask your vet for a lymes test. It’s always worth it.

For more information on the diagnosis and treatment of lymes disease:

Forming Friendships One Paw at a Time

For my first Blog Post, I thought I would explain our “motto”. We thought a lot about how to sum up our company in one short line. We thought of all kinds of cute grooming inspired one-liners. “From Scruffy to Fluffy”. Or “Their tails will be wagging- and you’ll be bragging!” They’re cute, silly, and let you know we’re groomers.
But they weren’t right.

A few days later I was scrolling through the pictures on my computer. Mixed in with pictures of us, our dogs and our family were tons of pictures of dogs we’ve groomed through the years. We never forget a dog. I look forward to seeing Lola, the cute little Pom who circles and circles and circles when she gets excited. And Rocky, a temperamental Tibetan Terrier who sometimes gives me a hard time, but every once in a while sneaks me a kiss. I got to watch Bailey, a white Doodle, go from his parents’ four-legged child, to the older brother of a real human child. He struggled at first. Now he sleeps next to her crib at night.

There are also the dogs that are no longer with us. I still miss Simba, the very first dog I groomed as a mobile groomer. He was a humongous, elderly Golden Retreiver who could hardly stand. He was way to big for me but I refused to let anyone else groom him because he was most comfortable with me. web security I groomed him every two weeks until he passed away at the age of 14. I went home and cried my eyes out when I heard he was gone. website domain . He was so much more than just another customer.

Matt fell in love with an Otterhound named Moose. Moose was Matt’s girl. I went to work with Matt one day just because he wanted to introduce me to her. I could tell she was a bit skeptical of another girl being in the van with them! He still talks about Moose, who sadly passed away two years ago. I took a picture of them together the day I met her, and it’s framed on Matt’s nightstand.

Once we meet your dog, they become part of our grooming family. It may sound cheesy, but it’s true. We believe that every dog deserves the kind of one on one, cage free attention that mobile grooming offers. Our love of dogs led us to open Muddy Buddies. We genuinely want to provide the most comfortable experience we can for every dog that we groom.
That is why we became mobile groomers; for the friendships that we form, one paw at a time.

Official Website Launch!

Muddy Buddies is now online! Visit us on the web at www.muddybuddies.com to learn more about our mobile dog grooming services, to schedule an appointment. Read more