Mobile Dog Grooming Westchester

What is Mobile Dog Grooming?

Mobile dog grooming is a grooming salon on wheels, only better. Our van is completely self-contained offering a safe, 1 on 1, cage-free grooming system, conveniently in your driveway. Mobile grooming is the preferred method for anyone who wants the best for their dog.

Tell me more about the van; what does self-contained mean exactly?

Our mobile salon is equipped with everything we need. We carry our own fresh water and electricity. A furnace keeps the van toasty in the winter months while an air conditioner keeps it cool in the summertime. A hot water heater ensures the perfect bath temperature

*Our dryers are specially equipped with a cool air system so your pet will never be over heated or burned during the drying process.

Why go mobile?

  • Your pet prefers it! Mobile dog grooming is a 1-on-1 private grooming experience for your dog. They are no longer surrounded by nervous barking dogs.
  • No cages!! Cage drying can be stressful, scary and even dangerous for dogs. With mobile, your dog is on the table or in the tub the entire groom- no cages, ever.
  • Easier to keep your dog on a schedule. When we come to you, keeping appointments is a breeze. We’ll put you on a schedule that works for your busy life. That way Fido will maintain a healthy, happy coat.
  • No traveling! No more anxious car rides for your furry friend. Also a great solution for dogs who experience car sickness or may be difficult to get in the car.
  • Less Hassle – No more rearranging your whole day around dropping off AND picking up your pet.
  • Professionalism  – Your dog is given the groomer’s undivided time and attention. While we’re at your house, you are our only client.
  • Less Stress – The more familiar, quiet setting reduces stress for your pet, especially for those with separation anxieties.
  • Cleanliness – Your pet is the only animal in the van, which is disinfected after every groom. Kennel cough and other common illnesses that can spread at a traditional salon are no longer a concern.
  • Flexibility – Appointments are available during the daytime, evenings and weekends. We’ll work with your schedule.

Do you groom cats?

No, we only groom dogs.

Why can’t I watch while my dog is being groomed?

While it’s understandable to want to comfort or watch your dog during the groom, it is not recommended. Safety comes first. When dogs see their owners watching during the groom they can become very excited which can be dangerous around sharp grooming tools. During the groom your dog has our full attention and we need theirs in return.

Please do not be offended if your groomer informs you that you or your children can not be in the van or standing outside the window. It is only done for the safety of your beloved pet. If you HAVE to come to the van for something please remember to come over and knock quietly so as not to startle the pet or the groomer.  Doors opening or closing and voices can excite animals’ at the most inopportune time. PLEASE never, ever open the door of the van while a pet is inside. This could result in an animal escaping and possibly being injured.

Do you brush out mats?

No. We always put your animals health, happiness and comfort first. Brushing out mats can be very painful. Irritation is also likely from brushing out mats. In some cases it is simply impossible. For these reasons we will not brush out mats, and will have to cut under the mat in order to remove it.

Why does mobile grooming cost more than a regular grooming salon?

We come to you! Think of our van as an exclusive grooming salon for your dog only. A traditional salon grooms anywhere from 15-50 dogs in a day. They rely on cage dryers and multiple people for each dog. With us your dog gets one-on-one attention in a quiet and calm environment.

*Please note all prices include tax

Where do you service?

We service most of Westchester County, New York and some parts of Greenwich, Connecticut.

How do appointment times work?

We will give you a one hour window for arrival and approximately one and a half hours for grooming thereafter.

How long does the grooming take?

Grooming time varies based on the size, condition, and temperament of your pet. The average groom time is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. The first session will take a bit longer as we get to know your dog and your preferences.

How much notice do you need for a cancellation?

We need a minimum of 24 hours notice or charges may apply.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, or venmo. We require payment the same day as the groom or a $10 late payment groom will be applied. Thank you!

*Tax is included in price

How quickly can I get an appointment?

Because we only do one dog at a time, and travel in between, we tend to book up faster than a traditional salon. We tend to book about two weeks out. It’s never too soon to make your next appointment:) You can book as far as a year out!

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