Mobile Dog Grooming

mobile dog groomingConsistent dog grooming is a vital part of caring for your dog. Regular grooming guarantees that your pet is healthy and comfortable. To stay on top of your dogs health, it is recommended that dog grooming takes place every 3-4 weeks. Being on a grooming schedule reduces skin issues such as dry skin, itchiness, hot spots and fleas. Dog Groomers will notify you of problems close to the hair that you mat not be able to see, such as scratches, bug bites, lumps or bumps.

On the off chance that you are in search of a fantastic mobile dog groomer- you’re in luck! Our mobile spa is the best option to keep your dog healthy and happy during their groom. Call us at (914) 509-5459 today to schedule a grooming appointment. We’ll only need an hour or two of your time and you don’t even need to leave the house!

We Come to You! Muddy Buddies is the Premiere Mobile Dog Groomer in Westchester, New York. We are the best in quality mobile dog grooming. Our Mobile Grooming Van is fully equipped to wash, dry and style your dog. We will also clean their ears, shave their pads and clip their nails. We fluff dry your dog by hand. They are never cage dried. We don’t even have a cage!

Your dog will be in your drive way the entire groom, one on one with a talented and experienced groomer, for only about an hour. Your dog will come out of the van with his or her tail wagging!

Forming Friendships One Paw at a Time

For my first Blog Post, I thought I would explain our “motto”. We thought a lot about how to sum up our company in one short line. We thought of all kinds of cute grooming inspired one-liners. “From Scruffy to Fluffy”. Or “Their tails will be wagging- and you’ll be bragging!” They’re cute, silly, and […]