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Mobile Grooming Services

The Bath & Brush

Everything you need to keep your dog in tip top shape and looking their best. Perfect for short-haired breeds or in between haircuts. After the bath & brush your dog will be ready to strut their stuff or curl up in bed with you.

  • Massaging Bath

    with all natural shampoo suited to your pets individual needs.

  • Fluff Drying By Hand

    We don’t use dangerous cage dryers.

  • Shave Pads

    of the feet and sanitary area

  • Hair Trimming

    on the feet and face as needed.

  • Nail Trimming

    Prevents long nails which can break and result in infection.

  • Ear Cleaning

    Regular cleaning helps reduce the chance of painful ear infections.

  • Light Conditioning Spray

    Finished off with a kiss and a treat!

Styling Service

Our haircuts are individually styled for your dog. We will work with you to come up with the perfect style to have your dog looking his or her best. We can even add a little jazz with a Mohawk!

  • The Bath & Brush

    Everything from the Bath & Brush Service plus…

  • Personalized Haircut

    Standard Breed Cut or Personalized Cut To Your Liking

Additional Services

Tea Tree Oil Treatment: $10.00

Ideal for dogs with lackluster, dry or scaly coats. Helps sooth skin and relieve itchiness.

Facial Scrub: $10.00

Facial scrubs help dogs with excess bacteria around their eyes and mouths that can lead to less than desirable smells. It is still gentle and tear free.

Flea and Tick Bath: $20.00

A specially formulated shampoo that kills fleas and ticks on contact. Followed by conditioning to sooth their skin.

Skunk Bath: $20.00

We use a three step method that garners the best results in removal of skunk odor and oils. Followed with an oatmeal shampoo to sooth their skin.
*Emergency skunk bath: $50+ We will come after hours, when possible, if your dog has been sprayed.

Deshedding: $5.00 to $20.00

We always de shed your pup as part of the grooming process. However a double coated dog who has not been groomed in some time may require a lot of additional de shedding. This adds a lot of time to the drying process and overall groom. For that reason we may charge $5-20 for excessive de-shedding.

Matting: There is a $20 charge for heavily matted pets.

Mat removal is a tedious task that has to be done very slowly. We would love to help you maintain a healthy coat for your pet by creating a grooming schedule.


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What our customers have to say:

Jeffrey P.

Muddy Buddies is 10 times better than my previous mobile groomer. They are always on time and take great care of my dog. The convenience and reliability is a no brainer. Thanks again!

Jeffrey P.Dog Breed
Anna V

Having four dogs it can be difficult to get them all in a car together and to the groomer. Once I found Muddy Buddies, dog grooming was no longer a dreaded errand. The pull up and groom one dog at a time without all the hassle of getting in the car. I recommend them to anyone who has dog that needs grooming!

Anna VDog Breed
Denise K.

Thanks again for taking care of Bucky. Whenever you pull up he gets so excited. I just recommended you to a friend, keep up the great work!

Denise K.Golden Retriever

Matt has a great relationship with my dog. She absolutely loves being groomed. He is always on time and is a pleasure to deal with.

SusieYorkshire Terrier

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